This is a list of tertiary characters that have appeared in the Stellvia universe.

Stellvia Students' familyEdit

Mia Glennorth (ミア・グレンノース, Mia Gurennōsu): Arisa Glennorth's little sister. Due to an accident in the past, her body is 40% mechanical. Two years after the Genesis Mission (the year 2359), she met Masato, Shima Katase's brother, during the admission to the Stellvia Foundation in Fujiyama. While on Fujiyama and looking out at the universe, she shed tears just like Arisa did.

Masato Katase (片瀬 真人, Katase Masato): Shima Katase's little brother.

Chiaki Katase (片瀬 千秋, Katase Chiaki): Shima Katase's mother.

Umihito Katase (片瀬 海人, Katase Umihito): Shima Katase's father.

Yōko Otoyama (音山 陽子, Otoyama Yōko): Kōta Otoyama's older sister.


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