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A sequel for Stellvia was originally announced for 2005, but was canceled after internal difficulties.

Stellvia Director Tatsuo Sato has stated on his website that plans for the Stellvia sequel are now impossible due to "inner difficulties". 2005/08/10 (WED) 昨日の今日ですみません。あれから各方面からメール・電話をいただきまして、企画が頓挫したとはいえ“永遠に無くなった”はということはこの業界ではあり得ないから希望は残 しておいた方が…というご意見をいただきました。確かに過激な表現だったかもしれません。というわけでこういうことにさせて下さい。


心配していただいた皆様、ありがとうございます。 この先の動きはこれからどうなるかまだわかりませんが、きちんと発表できるようになったらまた改めてここに書きたいと思います。それでは──"08/10/2005(WED) Sorry for contradicting what I remarked yesterday.

Many people gave me e-mails and phone calls after I posted my comment yesterday. They say that "Certainly the project was derailed, but it does never always mean the project will disappear for good." I appreciate your remarks. Well, I was a little bit exaggerating. So, I'd like to modify the comment as follows.

The continuation of Uchuu no Stellvia had become impossible.* All the pre-planning for an Uchuu no Stellvia 2 came to a halt. The same applied to Kidou Senkan Nadesico.

Thank you very much for all your trouble. I have no idea about the future of Stellvia now, but if something will be officially determined, I will announce it here.

Best wishes, "

(*) The word is not 無理 (muri, "unfeasible"), which is normally used to indicate a situation that is locked, but possibly solvable, but 不可能 (fukanou, "impossible") - it's a much more definite term.

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